10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (2024)

The human urge to connect with others brought us classified websites like YesBackPage and YesBackPage-like sites where we can find anything from furniture to a dream romance.

The YesBackpage adult section or the new Backpage alternative has all your free classifieds needs, but that alone won’t get you a date.

So, what will?

Check out the best YesBackPage alternatives for searching souls with thousands of local listings.

This includes sites like AdultFriendFinder for FWBs and fun casual flings, followed by Ashley Madison for discreet hookups tailored for ladies.

Here is every YesBackpage alternative to find dates in a few clicks.

Let’s explore.

YesBackpage Like Sites Top Picks:

Best YesBackpage Alternatives – Reviewed

1. AdultFriendFinder – Best YesBackPage Alternative

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (1)

Top Features

  • Find users in your location
  • Users post NSFW pictures
  • Advanced search filters
  • Add new people to your favorites


  • $39.95/month

The AFF community is among the best YesBackPage alternatives if you need a fun, casual fling.

The website uses a location-matching system, which is common for sites similar to BackPage. The only difference is that AFF has user profiles instead of a free classifieds list.

Most people love using location filters to find nearby users who have media availability and are active online.

The best part about this YesBackPage alternative is that you can post all your NSFW pictures so other users can sample the menu before ordering.

Check out this exclusive AFF review for all the juice.

Sign Up to AdultFriendFinder for Casual Dating

2. Ashley Madison – Best YesBackpage Alternative for Women

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (2)

Top Features

  • Free messaging for women
  • Browse in incognito mode
  • Send Likes
  • Anonymous billing


  • 100 + 100 bonus credits for $63

Ashley Madison is one of the top YesBackPage alternatives, set up to satisfy the needs of women stuck in unfulfilling relationships.

This discreet website gives you incognito tools to hide your face and discreetly discover the fun of the online dating world.

AM also offers its users anonymous billing, which comes as random services/products in your bank statement. The best part is that, unlike most YesBackpage-like sites, only women can initiate conversations on Ashley Madison.

Check out Ashley Madison’s reviews to learn how to use the icebreakers.

Meet People for Discreet Affairs on Ashley Madison

3. Alt.com – Meet Local Kinksters

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (3)

Top Features

  • Active fetish community
  • Chat with countless online users
  • Impressive news feed
  • NSFW photos and videos


  • $29.95/month and $19.95/month plans

The Alt community of kinksters is among the best YesBackPage alternatives to indulge in your love for fetish with like-minded people on the web.

You can join thousands of users who ascribe to various kink categories like bondage and cosplay on this alternative to YesBackpage to discover new levels of pleasure/dating.

Make a new connection by liking other users’ pictures, commenting on their videos, and adding them to your friends list.

Join Alt.com’s Fetish Community Here

4. Slixa – Most Elite Escort Service

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (4)

Top Features

  • Available in US, UK, Canada, Australia
  • Verified escorts
  • Detailed profiles (including reviews)
  • Fetish categories available


  • 1 credit=$1

If you need a hot plus trophy girl for a Broadway event or the office party, log on to Slicka, one of the best YesBasckpage alternatives to get a short-term date.

Slixa is a premier escort service and free classified site that will link you up with classy escorts whom you can show up with to the party/event like a boss.

All the VIP escorts are well-vetted and verified by previous clients like myself to ensure no one gets a raw deal. You can leave your escort a positive review after your outing, and maybe next time you’ll get a happy hour discount.

Meet Hot Men and Women on Slixa Today

5. The Escort Directory – Best Free Escort Classifieds Site

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (5)

Top Features

  • Available globally
  • Detailed profiles
  • Customizable search filters
  • Caters to all genders


  • Free

Traveling solo can get boring and lonely. The Escort Directory is one of the best YesBackpage alternatives, and it helps globetrotters meet interesting people/services along the way.

The free classified site covers major cities from New York to Dubai to ensure you are always in good company.

You can find men, ladies, and trans escorts using the search filters on the website.

Moreover, most escorts on the site are verified, with a few pictures to tease.

Click Here To Meet The Hottest Escorts on the Web

6. Happy Escorts – European Escort Services

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (6)

Top Features

  • Available in 40 countries
  • Video verified escorts
  • Profiles include photos and videos
  • Area search available


  • Free Membership

This free classified site is among the best YesBackpage alternatives for finding international European dates – for free.

Meet over 3000 professional escorts who will walk into any room and steal the spotlight.

The escort search engine covers 40 countries across the world, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on any action when you’re on the go.

Even better…

The escorts using this website are video-verified, meaning what you see is what you get.

Discover the Hottest Escorts on the Web Via Happy Escorts

7. KittyAds – Best Free Classified Site

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (7)

Top Features

  • Easy to use
  • Zip code searching
  • Nude profiles
  • See who’s online


  • 2 points – $1

Say hello to KittyAds, one of the best free YesBackpage alternatives for finding local escorts.

The website uses zip code search to connect you to attractive escorts in your hood, so you don’t wander the Net looking for a date.

Guess what?

Like some of the best escort sites, the service is available in other parts of the world.

In addition, most escorts advertise their assets with private slides to quickly lure your appetites.

Find an Escort Near You on KittyAds’ Free Classifieds

8. Tryst – Best YesBackpage Alternative for Travellers

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (8)

Top Features

  • Secure sign-in
  • Diverse escort catalog
  • Filter and category list
  • Send and receive messages


  • From $41/month

The Tryst escort directory is a great YesBackPage alternative if you have many travel plans in the future.

The website lets you browse for escorts by category to discover men, women, and non-binary dates depending on where you swing.

This YesBackpage alternative site has impressive safety protocols, using email and two-step verification to protect your data and account.

9. Doublelist – Similar YesBackpage Classifieds

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (9)

Top Features

  • Active in 248 locations
  • Wide category list
  • Email Signup
  • Get dating advice from blog posts


  • Free

DoubleList is one of the top lookalike YesBackpage alternatives that operate as a classifieds and personals service.

It is the go-to site on the web to buy cars and furniture or post ads and meet your future date.

Once you sign up, you can post your first listing in over 248 cities across the US, increasing your odds of finding exactly what you’re looking for.

You can also check out various popular categories like BBW. They help you filter out listings that match your desires on the free YesBackpage replacement.

10. Bedpage – Best General Ads Site Like YesBackpage

10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (10)

Top Features

  • Find ads across the US
  • Active adult section
  • Google sign-in available
  • Crypto payments


  • $15 Single city ads and $7.5/ad for multiple cities

Here comes a site similar to BackPage and one of the top YesBackPage alternatives where you can buy anything from cars to furniture or skip further to get a date.

You can review the available listings on this website without an account using a guest pass.

Once you log in to the free site, you can update the search filters to find people or things to buy across all states.

The dating section is still active so you can find local listings like you would on Craigslist personals before it was shut down or YesBackPage-like sites.

YesBackPage Alternatives – FAQs

Are There Free Sites Like Backpage?

Yes, there are free sites like BackPage. You can check out free classifieds and create your first listing for free on YesBackpgae replacement sites such as AdultFriendFinder, Alt.com, and Ashley Madison.

Most sites similar to Backpage and YesBackpage run ads to sell items, but you can also find personal services like dating and hookups if you’re looking for some spice in life.

Can I Meet People on Classifieds Websites?

Yes, you can meet people on classifieds’ websites.

To meet other people and find a date on a classifieds website:

  1. Log in to the website.
  2. Head to the adult services section on the website.
  3. Browse for listings in your location.
  4. Check local listings for ads.
  5. Contact the advertiser.

Federal regulations force most personal ad websites like Backpage and YesBackpage to remove or adjust their adult services if they violate sex trafficking laws.

You can still use alternative websites like AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison, Alt, and our other top picks to satisfy your love life.

YesBackpage Alternatives – Takeaway

Check out the top YesBackpage-like sites, such as AdultFriendFinder, which has millions of ads for FWBs and casual flings.

Dating websites like Ashley Madison allow ladies to explore their side dishes safely – if you know what I mean.

There’s no need to shut yourself from the world.

Join any of our top picks and discover what other people want on our top sites like YesBackPage.


    10 Sites Similar To YesBackpage in 2024 – Philadelphia Weekly (2024)


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