LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (2024)

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (1)Facing the Maestro: A Musician's Guide to Orchestral Audition Repertoire by Katherine Akos; Marshall Burlingame; Jack Wellbaum

    This orchestral audition repertoire report is the product of a study conducted in the fall of 1980. Thirty-four orchestras returned lists totaling more than 300 orchestral works (plus a few solo works), which were collected and categorized.

    Call Number: ML128.O5 F295 1983 (Music Reference)

    Publication Date: 1983

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (2)The Audition Process: Anxiety Management and Coping Strategies by Stuart Edward Dunkel

    The stress and anxiety which performers experience at auditions and concerts can be managed through the use of many and varied techniques, here explored in a comprehensive book by oboist-composer Stuart Dunkel. Written as a practical guide for immediate use, in language free of confusing psychological terminology, The Audition Process offers a compendium of approaches as presented by other musicians, psychologists, and athletes.

    Call Number: ML3830 .D9 1989

    Publication Date: 1989

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (3)Auditioning for the Musical Theatre by Fred Silver; Charles Strouse (Foreword by)

    Proven tactics and techniques from a leading New York vocal coach on how to "act" a song, choose the right material, and handle a callback; what to wear; how to use eye contact, select a voice teacher, and vocal coach; and more. Includes 130 excellent yet unusual audition songs for all types of situations and performers, including juveniles and dancers.

    Call Number: MT820 .S657 1985

    Publication Date: 1985

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (4)Thank You -- That's All We Need for Today: A Practical Guide to Musical Theatre Auditions by Mary Hammond; Emer Gillespie; Nigel Lilley

    Thank You -- That's All We Need for Today is full of practical advice for anyone who auditions for musical-theatre shows, whether professional or amateur. Starting with the earliest stages, it covers every aspect of the audition process: Choosing and learning songs, Looking after your voice, Deciding what to wear, Preparing CVs and photos, How to make a good impression, Who's who on the audition panel, Also included: a CD of vocal warm-ups - helps you get the best out of your voice

    Call Number: MT892 .H36 2009

    Publication Date: 2009

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (6)Audition Advice for Singers by Opera America

    From my own experience / Plato Karayanis -- Be a performer, not just a vocalist / Robert Bailey -- Dear auditioner / Karen Peeler -- What makes a singer employable? / Richard Pearlman -- Auditions are performance opportunities / Richard Harrell -- First impressions count / Ken Benson -- The audition between the music / Michael Ching -- The psychology of the audition / Gary Glaze -- Thoughts on auditions / Evelyn Lear and Thomas Stweart -- Be an individual / Gordon Ostrowski -- The audition : the ridiculous in pursuit of the lucrative / Michael McConnell -- Someone gets lucky / Richard Bradshaw -- Comments from an audition team / Karl W. Hesser & Mark C. Graf -- Auditioning is a process / Gayletha Nichols -- Emphasizing your assets / Jonathan Pell -- Top ten suggestions / Susana Meyer -- More top ten suggestions / Edward Purrington -- Artistic preparation / Roberta Peters -- Auditioning is about communication / Felicity Jackson -- Points of view / Ann Stanke -- Putting together the total package / Matthew Lata -- Opera is foremost a dramatic art form / Kurt Klippstatter -- Concentrate on the essentials / Christine Bullin -- The dreaded audition / Christopher Mattaliano -- Some thoughts on auditions / Sara Tornay -- Learn about the company / David Speers -- Prepare for a winning audition / Peter Russell.

    Call Number: MT956 .A93 1996

    Publication Date: 1996

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (7)The Complete Professional Audition: A Common Sense Guide to Auditioning for Musicals and Plays by Michael Perilstein; Daren Cohen

    In the United States, there are 300,000 actors; 100,000 hold union cards. There are 184 college theater programs and 108 performing-arts high schools. There are 578 acting schools and coaches in New York City and Los Angeles alone. The Complete Professional Audition is the one book all of those actors need-because before actors can act, they have to pass the audition! Here's practical, hand-holding advice for choosing material, rehearsing, warming up, staying calm, standing out in a crowd, understanding casting, avoiding pitfalls, following up, getting the right headshot and resume, and accepting an offer. There's even a section on handling rejection-not that The Complete Professional Audition user is ever going to need that, of course. Ultra-useful appendices of recommended songs and monologues (yes!) make this the complete guide for everyone with an audition coming up. * Designed for both play and musical auditions * There are 300,000 actors and acting students in the US-and all of them want an edge at the audition * Through his workshops and seminars, author Darren Cohen knows exactly what actors need to pass an audition and get that part * Practical, down-to-earth ideas that work

    Call Number: MT956 .C68 2005

    Publication Date: 2005

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (8)Get the Callback: The Art of Auditioning for Musical Theatre by Jonathan Flom

    The easy-to-use handbook Get the Callback: The Art of Auditioning for Musical Theatre offers practical advice on all the facets of auditioning, walking the reader step by step through the audition process, explaining what to expect, how to behave, and how to prepare for a winning audition. It also coaches the actor through the ins and outs of pursuing a career in musical theatre. Through his professional and teaching experience, Jonathan Flom presents the material in an easily accessible way. Get the Callback proceeds chronologically through the audition process, beginning with finding auditions and reading and interpreting casting calls. Flom discusses many facets of preparation, including selecting songs and monologues to suit your voice and the audition, organizing and arranging your music, working with the accompanist, and presenting yourself to the directors. He gives a detailed description of the actual audition performance and even offers advice on how non-dancers can survive a dance audition. The book includes valuable information on callbacks and how to field job offers, providing advice on contracts and negotiations. Further information on getting professional headshots, designing a quality resume, and writing winning cover letters is also included, each with examples. Unique to this volume is a chapter on auditioning for college training programs. The book concludes with three appendixes: a list of recommended dos and don'ts, and two lists of appropriate audition repertoire by genre and by actor type, as well as a glossary of terms.

    Call Number: MT956 .F56 2009

    Publication Date: 2009

  • LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (9)Rock the Audition: How to Prepare For and Get Cast in Rock Musicals by Sheri Sanders

    Rock musicals are an increasingly dominant force in contemporary musical theatre. Rock the Audition defines what is required of the actor-singer to succeed in the audition room and gives the aspiring performer the tools necessary to interpret rock material with abandon, creativity, and inspiration. This book shows those interested in auditioning for a rock musical how to holistically embody the essence of the show for which they are auditioning. Rock the Audition teaches performers how to: * Pick songs that have or have room to create a dramatic arc * Create their own appropriate cuts and arrangements, and successfully communicate the feel of a song to a pianist for proper support * Capture the essence of the musical they're trying out for * Understand the vocal styles of different genres and how the styles changed over time * Act a rock song Sanders's method also helps singing actors refine their physical life in the audition room when singing a rock song, an approach profoundly different from that of the legit musical-theatre auditioner. Rock the Audition shows readers how to interpret the meaning of the chosen songs and how to bring their own unique point of view to those interpretations. Listen to Sheri Sanders live at Book Expo America on the BEA Podcast.

    Call Number: MT956 .S35 2011

    Publication Date: 2011

LibGuides: Music Performance: Auditions (2024)


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